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t r a n c e n d e n c e

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Horrifying in its own right, this striking piece by talented artist, Pablo Dominguez, stands as a chilling monument to those that we lost.



R I F T (available in 2023)

a novel by Thomas Asher 

The end of humanity had become inevitable.


With Earth’s ecology on the verge of collapse, atmospheric carbon dioxide at critical levels, and climate change devastating global agriculture and animal populations, mankind’s fate hung in the balance. The first blow was the near-extinction of critical insect and avian species worldwide, marked by sudden and widespread mass die-offs. Cloning and species hybridization were implemented to restore some critical “keystone” species in an effort to turn the tide, initially with moderate success. Soon, however, unforeseen consequences and worsening environmental conditions would bring the prospect of extinction directly to humanity’s door. Indeed, the last thing anyone expected was for these very efforts to inadvertently usher in the end of life as we know it with the third, and final blow brought on by the RIFT.

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